An exceptional location, an open, cosmopolitan town in a magical setting with more than three hundred sunny days a year.

Sitges is easy to access in all aspects, since it is just 35 south of Barcelona, to which it is connected by excellent road, motorway and railway links. The Barcelona Prat International Airport is just 15 km away.

The Garraf Massif, a rock mountain range blocking the cold northern winds, makes creates the Sitges’ own microclimate, with mild summers and winters and more that 300 sunny days per year.

A total of 17 beaches stretch out along Sitges’ coast, each with its own personality and providing all the services needed to offer maximum comfort.

Beautiful nature, active tourism, numerose sport facilities, traditional Spanish and Catalonian cuisine, restaurants and night bars, fiestas and traditions – all these and many-many more things you can experience yourself!!!